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Hey guys ..
WANTED DOG 69 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 4th Oct 2012
Its J dog here. I am Totally sorry about NOT having practice last night. I was dead to the world and Kitteh was sick. Plus, I had to work last night as well. So, here is the Deal. I am RE-SCHEDULING Practice for FRIDAY @ 8PM EASTERN, 7PM CENTRAL, 5PM Mount, and 1AM ENGLAND. I know it will be late for PRED, LOKI, EMJ, and TOBY, but Try to make it. It Will be Friday night and we will have Some fun and have some practice. Plus, it will help practice for the Upcoming Slayer Tourney. 8PM EASTERN, PRACTICE IS RE-SCHEDULED. Will be sending out a message Later today about it.

4th Oct 2012 PVT CriccoDante
I would normally be all over this like a tramp on chips, however I have the daughter this weekend from the Friday and have an open day on the saturday as well. Why do fun things always happen when i cant do them? D=
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