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That Weird Guy From Somewhere
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12th Sep 2012

Howdy, this is The Varment, and yes i know it's spelled wrong I just don't feel like changing it. You can also call me Kyle or Strunkage, if you want I don't really care. I'm from a WONDERFUL place called Paw Paw in the FANTASTIC state of Michigan.

Lets talk about my Halo skill . I wouldn't say I'm the greatest player in the world though I have my moments where i do amazing but those are quite rare. I play a lot of SWAT and such though I am terrible with snipers. And just so you know I get frustrated really easily. I mean I don't like losing but I hate losing constantly for no fucking reason. This is also the first clan I've ever been in so I hope it goes good.

Now, about me. I am a lazy person, like reading, and socially awkward. Which really sucks for me cuz the job I'm trying to get is at Gamestop, where I HAVE to talk to people. I'm probably lazy just because I am and possibly the stuff I took for my ADHD, though I stopped taking it cuz it fucked up with my eating habits and I never felt hungry when I took it. Never. I didn't feel hungry for lunch and dinner and only felt like eating when it was really late and I should be asleep already. That's about it. Hmm, guess my life is kinda boring now that I think about it.

My dream job is to join Rooster Teeth or Achievement Hunter.

See ya out there, The Varment
Forum » ~Royal Skulls~ » Introductions
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