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Short guide for Pro Teams~!
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6th Aug 2012

So you guys are interested in joining a Pro team or you want to create one? Alright. P01S0N is here to show you how.

First off, normally our clan is more laid back. Even with our competitive side, it still is laid back. With Pro teams, we won't be giving that luxury. If your going to be in a Pro team, you have to be dedicated because your actions reflect back on us. Therefore, if you go out without practicing with the rest off the team, guess what? It will have a severe impact on team performance and we will probably lose because of that. It is important to understand that if you want to be in a Pro Team, you have to practice. You have to be willing to put the time into it. With Pro teams, we would be going against other Pro teams often. We would enter tournaments for prizes, and we cannot slip up from things that would have been easy to avoid, such as us practicing a few times a day.

So if your going to be in a Pro team, you can't avoid practice. Its important. Another thing is communication. Don't just say, on my x, on my x! That doesn't help if we are in a firefight, win it, then try to look for your x and its already gone. You want to say where it was, how many, and try to call out where they are going. Even if your not killed, but see them somewhere else, call them out, you could save your teammate if you do.

Strategies are also important, which goes back to the practicing. You and your team need to get together, assign roles, and do whatever it takes to win the game. For example, in an objective game, k/d doesn't matter. At all. You want the objective and thats it. If the other team is just going around killing you, but you capture the flag like 5 times, then you win, they lose, and its on to the next round. Simple as that. Of course killing is important, which is why assigning one person to do the killing is important, but the objective is the most important. Say you had to defend something. You have to do anything to win in a major battle. For example, Search and Destroy in MW3. There are major Pro teams that camp out the bomb sites. Which let me go over this..

There are some major misconceptions about Pro teams. I'm sure everyone knows what I mean. Here are a few:

-Pro teams never camp. They always are on the move.
-Pro teams always get like 30+ kills in every game.
-Pro teams only go for kills.
-Pro teams go like 10-1

There are more, but these are just some of the few I want to go over. Pro teams do camp. Don't just think they don't because it's a Pro team. Pro teams do anything to win. For example, envyus aka nV, who dominate everyone because they don't play for looks or kills, but to win. They don't have an amazing k/d every game, and they don't play to get kills. They play to win. They even try helping other teams improve. Anyways, I know our clan is against camping. I am too. But in a Pro team, in a tournament, you need to do EVERYTHING possible to win. It is important. You can try not camping excessively, like the entire match, but some times it is needed. Like in Search and Destroy (I know, same example, just go with it), you only have one life to either assault the bomb or defend it. You'll have to camp a bit. You can expect the other team will.

Now lets move on to the different requirements our teams will need.

Each team needs:
-4-6 Members. (4 are the max for teams, but you can have back ups. We will keep the back ups at two.)
-Members who have time to practice OFTEN.

You can make a topic here for your team for recruitment and for team discussions, but only one per team!! If you make more than one, your topics will be deleted. If you have questions about your topic post or anything about Pro teams, let me know through a message. I will answer all to the best of my abilities. And remember that all topics are to follow the rules.

When creating your topic for your Pro team, make sure you put RS~ name||game to keep it more organized. You can make it look fancy, but it needs to be like this example:

RS~ JynX||MW3 Pro Team

Above is being used so its just an example.

When picking a team name, you have to make sure it isn't in use unless you alter it in some way. Check MLG's site and try creating a team. Make sure you add RS~ to the team name, to let our competitors know we come from the same clan.

When your team battles against another team, please post about it in your team's topic, let me know, and when I get our team list up and running, it will show the wins/loses for the teams + number of team members, etc, just to keep it all organized. If your trying to recruit for your team, leave it in the topic name (recruiting) after the above example. And also post your wins/loses with proof. You MUST post before you enter a tournament/skirmish in your team topic to let everyone know, to prevent false stats of the team. Failure to do so will count against you. More rules may be added later. For now, keep these in mind when going "Pro".
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Forum » ~Royal Skulls~ » Pro Teams
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