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RS~ JynX||MW3||Halo: Reach - Pro Team (recruiting)
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8th Aug 2012

JynX is the first pro team for Royal Skulls!! Now, why are we called JynX?

A jink is something that cause bad luck, or brings bad luck onto people. I picked the name for us because I feel as though we will bring bad luck to the enemy, causing them to lose and to bring us the victory! Sounds stupid, but hell, I thought it was good.

Anyways, I wanted to go ahead and form the team, branching it to both Halo and Modern Warfare. Now.. How do you get into a pro team such as JynX?

First off, we need to see your skill. We need to know you know what your doing and that you can hold your ground in a competitive game and that you follow the strategies we practice. We need to hear you communicating, working together and doing the objective. Don't worry about your k/d as much (since it all happens in a private match anyways). When you are given a role, you do that role. If its capture the flag and your role is to defend the flag, stay on that flag. Don't let anyone else touch it. f its to grab the flag, then don't worry about anything else but the flag. There are roles you have to follow. We will go over those roles as we practice.

Secondly, you have to be willing to practice often, either being in a public match, private, skirmish, whatever. And you can't neglect these! It hurts our team in the end.

Lastly, assuming you already read though the guide so you had a general idea of the above anyways, you want to register at mlgpro.com and tell me your username after connecting with gamebattles. We will organize or team there for tournaments, skirmishes, etc. Once you've done that, leave your post here saying which game you want to tryout for. You will be tested, and if your good, we will put you in. If not, we will have to decline you.

Note: Teams will only go up to 6 members. We will not recruit any more unless a member leaves or it is absolutely needed. Also, this is a COMPETITIVE team. Not something you can relax in.

~MW3 JynX Roster~


~Halo: Reach JynX Roster~
-X Count Momo X


This topic will be for either members of JynX to post stuff about the team, for applicants to post there application for a tryout, or for other things relating to JynX only. Those accepted can go into our group page, where our group can discuss anything they would like, following all clan rules of course.
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Forum » ~Royal Skulls~ » Pro Teams
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