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Joined: 14th Aug 2012
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
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22nd Oct 2012

I am the Predator, I use all kinds of guns in this game except the SMGs and Machine pistols because they're overvpowerd to fuck. As well as the F200, M16 + Famas (as always)

Recently I have been playing games with a Kill to Death ratio of 20 to 5 or more. Regularly, like everytime I play. My K/D has increased dramatically in recent days.

My question is... All my propper freinds make me look average, because I am... Is there any better people in this clan out there? Is it you? Or am I doomed to have my ego slowly increase for being the best at something...

- Your 5th in command
Pred xx

P.S. If you quick-scope and know the slang terms for some types of shots: Kill yourself, you sad, unskilled, pathetic 13 year old fangasm fuck. You annoy regular and old players so much that they released black-ops and MW3 with things to stop you kids from doing pathetic quick-scoping.

Here is an example of what you squeeky fucks look and sound like:
Forum » Call of Duty » Modern Warfare 3
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