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Limited Edition?? All my want~
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Joined: 5th Aug 2012
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6th Aug 2012

I did a bt of research on this and found out the limited edition for Halo 4... Is SO worth getting.

You get a custom Halo 4 360, with its own start up sounds. It has its OWN start up sounds guys. Not the stupid little *ding* anymore. It has a 320 GB hard drive, comes with 2 custom Halo 4 controllers, a mic (not sure if its a special Halo 4 mic), the game obviously, and... DLC. You actually get some armor, "weapon skins" and something else I cannot recall at the moment. But weapon skins guys.. Weapon skins..

Imagine CoD for a sec.. Dreaming of that gold weapon. Now imagine Halo 4, with a gold DMR (for shits and giggles lol). I don't care as much for the DLC (unless the armor and skin look bad ass) but everything else is... Its just... ALL MY WANT~ lol

Anyways, if your interested in that bad boy there, its a total of $400. I want it and from what I've heard (and past experiences with other games), if you put down the money on it, they will hold it for you until you can get it paid off (they held my copy of Anniversary for 4-5 months). Anyways, I'm gonna put down money on it. Anyone else gonna go for it?
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Joined: 5th Aug 2012
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9th Aug 2012

Yeah, mine works fine too. 250gb Slim, perfect condition. But I thought a few things. One, it just looks so awesome. Two, I could have my old 360 go up for either a prize for someone to win, or sell it to get money for an HD PVR along with other things that can benefit the clan. I could also set up one of the controllers as a prize, or even set up my afterglow controller instead. The headset I definitely would if it wasn't a halo 4 one, just to get it out. But yeah, there are multiple reasons why I would.
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