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Maybe adding Gears
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Joined: 4th Sep 2012
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30th Sep 2012

I know this clan is mostly Halo and Cod but I was wondering if we could possibly branch out to include Gears of War 3. Its just a suggestion but I think it'd be pretty cool.
Joined: 11th Aug 2012
Rank: Colonel
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9th Oct 2012

I could agree to this to my knowledge all of our clans high rank has this game there a new one coming out so people will hear about it plus it could help build relations and skills within our clan letting each other see what kind of skull we are
Joined: 12th Sep 2012
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14th Oct 2012

Im in for gears.

If your going through hell, Keep on going. :- W. Chruchill

Joined: 4th Sep 2012
Rank: Private
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15th Oct 2012

It'd be great. Maybe we could set up separate event calendars for Halo/CoD/Gears. It'd be a little confusing but we'd all be able to make it work.
Forum » ~Royal Skulls~ » Suggestions
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