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Filling you in! 8/6/12
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6th Aug 2012

" Hey, this is P01S0N here. I'm here to let you guys know that Enjin is becoming more obsolete and that we need to move on to better sites, This site is just one of numerous I have had my eyes on, so I'm moving out site here. It will eventually become a lot better, and it is much easier for me to edit. Over the next few days, I will be editing the site. I want everyone to pass out the word that the new site will be here, since its easier to use and its free, unlike Enjin. For now, this is the only news I will post until I get everything worked out. Thanks guys. "

I will be posting all our news feed here, so we cn go back to older post if needed in a more organized manner and so you guys can comment on it if you have any questions about our news feed! We may post here instead of the main news feed, depending on what is already up and on how important it is so make sure to check the forums every chance you get. Anyways, make sure you guys have fun!!
Forum » ~Royal Skulls~ » News Locked
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